Leading article: The true face of immigration

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Romania has become the new bogeyman of the anti-immigration lobby. We are repeatedly told that when the country joins the EU next year, Britain will be swamped by undesirables. Do they have people like 18-year-old Alma Dimitriu in mind? Ms Dimitriu arrived four years ago from Romania speaking little English. This week she was awarded three A grades and will study medicine at St Andrews University.

Another A-level success story is Christian Bola, who came to Britain as an asylum-seeker from Congo. He was awarded three As after just one year of study. Unlike Ms Dimitriu, Mr Bola's future looks bleak. He is appealing against an attempt by the Home Office to deport him.

These students represent the true face of immigration to the UK. And their stories should shame those who have contributed to the poisonous atmosphere of prejudice and hysteria that surrounds the issue in Britain.