Leading article: Time for Julian Assange to re-think WikiLeaks

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Julian Assange's announcement that WikiLeaks is suspending its activities was predictably rancorous. Lambasting the refusal of finance companies such as PayPal to process donations as "an unlawful financial blockade", Mr Assange accused "a handful of US finance companies" of controlling "how the whole world votes with its pocket ".

But there was no mention of the fact that it is no longer only that handful of finance companies baulking at WikiLeaks' activities. Even staunch supporters were put off by the recent blanket publication of 251,000 secret diplomatic cables, without any redactions, potentially putting thousands of people in danger.

With the site's publishing in abeyance, Mr Assange would do well to spend some time reconsidering his purpose. More even than money, WikiLeaks needs a re-think.