Leading article: To the British weather - an apology


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There is no way to avoid it: the time for a formal apology is approaching. For weeks, we have levelled stern accusations at the weather. We have bandied charges of unremitting gloom, of unseasonable wetness, of contrary nose-thumbing at the hosepipe ban. Now, however, we are forced to acknowledge that the British summer may be taking steps to get its house in order.

It would, of course, be a mistake to expect too much. After all, signs that the Jet Stream may revert to its usual, more northerly, location as early as next week – and, whisper it, in time for the Olympics – might prove nothing more than window-dressing. It may defy forecasters, remain stubbornly low, and fail in its duty, which is to fend off rain and cold and allow the UK to bask in the sunshine we all deserve.

Still, credit where credit's due. There is now hope, at least. Until then, though, we had better expect more rain.