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Twitter is the new darling of the dynamic world of internet technology. The micro-blogging service is rapidly becoming one of the most used on the web.

Now there are some who will ascribe the service's success to the brilliance and simplicity of the Twitter concept; the fact that it enables you to send short messages to let everyone in the world know your thoughts, whenever the fancy takes you.

Perhaps. But what it surely also demonstrates is that every successful dotcom also needs a good name. Think of the big success stories: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Skype. What do they have in common? A euphonious moniker. Being able to turn the name into a verb helps too.

And now consider some of the dotcoms that have ended up on the scrap heap over the years: DigiScents; AmCy; E-loft. Can you imagine "AmCying" someone or "E-lofting" something? But when you Twitter? Well, that really can be gold.

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