Leading article: Tweet symphony

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"What's happening?" asks Twitter. But did the inventors of the micro-blogging site ever expect someone to answer: "I am presently being held up by a gang of armed robbers"? Because that appears to have been the answer, more or less, from a number of people caught up in a raid on a poker tournament in Berlin at the weekend.

That's the beauty of online technology of course: you never really know how people are going to use it. Still, the addiction of some people to the medium of Twitter – even in the most stressful of circumstances – does provoke some strange thoughts.

Such as: how long will it be before someone Tweets while giving birth? Will someone Twitter their last words? It would certainly be an efficient way to say goodbye to one's followers. And perhaps there will even someday be a Tweet from beyond the grave.

We say: as long as Twitterers observe the 140 character limit, good luck to them all.