Leading article: Two cheers

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May we pay tribute to the hard work of all those good citizens up and down the country that have organised today's street parties, hung out the bunting and put up all those handmade signs congratulating Gordon Brown on his second anniversary as Prime Minister? Admittedly, the number of entries for our competition to identify Mr Brown's 10 greatest achievements were disappointing, and the plan to hold a champagne reception for Labour MPs was abandoned, ostensibly on the grounds that it would be "inappropriate in the current financial climate". Plainly, the Michael Jackson surge that disrupted the internet also prevented the email press release from the Labour Party reaching us.

However, yesterday's announcement of a clear green path to crucial climate-change talks in Copenhagen in December shows that he is still capable of doing the right thing while the scenery is collapsing all around. Two cheers, therefore, for Mr Brown. One for each year.