Leading article: Tw*t was that?

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Breakfast shows are dangerous territory: just early enough and relaxed enough for the interviewee to commit a gaffe and have it halfway around the world before he has thoroughly woken up. But David Cameron, appearing on Absolute Radio yesterday, can have done himself little harm with his excursion into the demotic. On the contrary, what better way for the suave old Etonian to convince the non-Etonian majority that he is, beneath that genial exterior, really one of us.

Are we "p*ssed off" – with the weather, the recession, the Government? Of course we are. And what do all the millions of non-tweeters out there think about those who perpetrate the twaddle that so often passes for Twitter? Right again. Still, his swift apology was a genteel touch. Manners maketh man, do they not? Now what was that about a bill for wisteria-removal in Witney? Oh yes, we had almost forgotten, he paid it back. So sorry to have mentioned it.