Leading article: Wearing thin

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A battalion of stick-thin male models is preparing to stride down the catwalks of London Fashion Week. The capital is following the example of fashion shows in Paris, Milan and New York which have been replete with positively skeletal male clothes horses recently. Where once the typical male model would have been a bulky mass of rounded pectorals and prominent six-pack, today he is more likely to have a waist smaller than a bodybuilder's thigh.

Of course, it would be deplorable if this were to encourage eating disorders among boys, as the fashion industry's promotion of size-zero female models has in young girls. But, despite the fears of campaigners, it is hard to see the problem reaching quite the same levels. Outside the world of high fashion there is little sign of skinny-chic taking hold of young men. One suspects that for the typical male of the species, bigger will always be considered better.