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"Everyone knows a bloke called Dave," said the owners of UKTV G2 in 2007, explaining the digital television channel's quixotic rebranding exercise. But they probably ought to have checked if there were any companies out there called Dave too. For it turns out that there was a media consultancy just around the corner from the broadcaster already operating under that blokeish moniker.

And now the European Union's Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market has ruled that the Dave media consultancy in Soho, central London, has the stronger claim to Davedom, mainly since it got there first.

The Dave channel intends to fight on and overturn the ruling. And since it is bigger than the consultancy (although this is not quite a Dave versus Goliath scenario), it could well prevail.

But we would urge TV Dave to save itself time and money by letting the matter drop and settling on a different name.

If people like the channel's output, they will keep watching. Do people watch Sky Sports, tune into BBC Radio 4, or log on to YouTube because of their names? Of course not – it's the content that matters.

So what are the channel's owners fretting about? Wouldn't a Dave by any other name smell as sweet?