Leading article: Who said Ed was the wrong Miliband to lead Labour?


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Ed Miliband has not has an easy time establishing himself as Labour leader, either in the party or in the country at large. But he has come a long way in the past year, and not only because of recent Cameron-Osborne mis-steps (though they have helped). As the assured tone of the interview we report today shows, where he pledges to "rebuild our economy, rebuild a divided society and rebuild faith in politics", and also to create an anti-austerity axis with France's new President, Francois Hollande – he is starting to sound as though he could imagine himself as prime minister, which is the first step to convincing the voters.

Nick Clegg's unguarded remarks at the weekend about not being averse to taking Liberal Democrats into a Labour-led coalition suggests he could be thinking along similar lines. The tide of British politics may not have turned, and the next election is almost three years away. But it is time to banish talk about "the wrong Miliband" and take a closer look at the one Labour has.