Leadinga article: In a league of his own

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What a privilege is in store for the 82,000 spectators who will crowd into Twickenham Stadium today for England's match against Scotland, both teams' first in the 2007 Six Nations competition.

This is because the former rugby league hero, Andy "Faz" Farrell, is to make his union debut for England.

Through Farrell, the spectators will get a taste of the lung-busting work ethic, the finely honed skill and the admirable honesty that characterise the northern code of rugby; qualities that often raise it to a standard of entertainment above the southern strain of the sport.

Once again, the debate will rage about whether the two codes will some day be as one. But we say keep them separate. Enjoy their differences; admire their particular skills; celebrate their cultural heritage. And know which one is superior.