Mayday, Mayday

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Theresa May may not. Be the chairman of the Conservative Party for very much longer, that is. Hers cannot have been a happy incumbency, although thinking about it that way already puts her in the past tense, which may be unfair. She has had to put up with a good deal of sniping, whether it concerns the strategic direction she has been taking Central Office or the tactical implications of her favoured (Russell and Bromley) celebrated kitten heels.

The latest pretender to her role goes by the name of Tim Yeo. Mr Yeo is unusual on today's Conservative front bench in that he has solid ministerial experience, although it was gained a long time ago. He was once quite well known for a time for all the wrong reasons, but today is even more obscure than Ms May. It is not obvious that he would represent an improvement. He, or his acolytes (Yeo-ites? Yeovians? Yeotistas?), should leave Ms May alone.