Now Chris Froome too? All these British sporting triumphs are wearing us out

First Wiggo, then Murray at Wimbledon and now another Briton, Kenyan-born Chris Froome has won the Tour de France. It's hard to take it all in

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First we had Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France last summer, then Andy Murray triumphing at Wimbledon a few weeks back. Now we have another Briton, Kenyan-born Chris Froome, winning the Tour de France. Another victory? It’s becoming too much to digest.

On top of a Mediterranean-style summer, people must be wondering if we haven’t offended the gods. Summer is not supposed to be hot, it is supposed to be wretched, so we can lamnent the long, hot summers of long ago. And we are not supposed to win things. We are supposed to lose gracefully, and sigh about how we used to win things once upon a time, but can no longer do so in a cruel world.

At the rate things are going, the whole long-running interesting debate on why we are such lovable losers will have to be canned. Note to our sports stars: your winning streak is disturbing all of our assumptions.