Political moves

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The ever-restless Labour Party is on the move again. Apparently tired of Millbank Tower, the party is on the lookout for new digs.

It does not seem that long ago that they were establishing themselves in Millbank Tower, an address that has since become synonymous with the worst excesses of political authoritarianism. If nothing else the move means that Ken Livingstone will no longer be able to complain about the activities of the "Millbank Tendency".

Having moved to Millbank from Walworth Road (the premises latterly known as John Smith House), and having moved there from Transport House in Smith Square, Westminster, the party is now searching for a location that better chimes with the spirit of high Blairism.

We know – or at least think we know – what that is all about: renewal, development, newness. And we know a district of London that seems to embody those values fulsomely – Docklands. The Independent would find having Tony Blair's apparatchiks next door to us here in the revitalised East End an interesting experience. Heads are spinning at the prospect already. New Labour, new neighbours? Not sure.