Dr John Casey Elegy for Aleppo

For all its excesses, Assad's regime encouraged moderation and tolerance in religion. And, excluded from politics, a gentle, graceful culture flourished. Now it is destroyed, says Dr John Casey, it can only be rebuilt in the imagination

Reda Hassaine Reda Hassaine: My 20-year war on terror and Abu Hamza

For two decades, Reda Hassaine has been working alongside security services. Here, in an exclusive extract from his new book, he reveals his frustration about being ignored in the aftermath of 9/11 and his grim satisfaction at the forthcoming sentencing of Abu Hamza, who he helped to convict

Tim Walker Trending: The turbulent priest with form for controversial comments

In the best tradition of Catholic archbishops, Britain's most senior priest is also its most turbulent. Writing in The Sunday Telegraph on 4 March, Cardinal Keith O'Brien called the prospect of gay marriage "grotesque", then likened it to the legalisation of slavery. Interviewed during yesterday's edition of the Today programme, he said the Government's proposed legislation would be an "aberration" that "shamed our country", "violated human rights" and caused society to degenerate "even further than it has already degenerated, into immorality".