Funniest spoof political accounts on Twitter

It's not just the Jobcentre Plus account mocking politicians

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A spoof Jobcentre Plus Twitter account, which mocked welfare policies, has been reactivated after the government failed in its bid to silence its twitterings, which mock the Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP.

However it's far from the only funny parody account on the microblogging site. Here are some of the other deliciously satirical accounts you should get following.

Iain Duncan Smith MP @IDS_MP

He’s snobbish, he’s rude, he makes jokes about vulnerable people. The Work and Pensions secretary is not on Twitter but this account’s posts are regularly mistaken for the genuine twitterings of Iain Duncan Smith.

With posts like “Under a Tory government your more likely to learn good reading and writing skills in a State school #bbcqt #inittogether” and “COBRA Meeting to discuss floods. Have suggested people move to their second homes while main ones dry out, the account is clearly a parody.”

However the handle made headlines when David Cameron accidentally linked to it as if it was real. Maybe there’s more similarity than we thought?

Ukip weather @ukipweather

This account has more followers than Nigel Farage himself and there’s a good reason why. It posts a series of weather forecasts based on the comments made by a Ukip councillor linking the floods to gay marriage and it’s hilarious. Some of the best ones include "A male shop assistant offering constructive critiques in the men's department of Debenhams will cause temperatures in Leeds to drop to -1c". There’s actually too many to pick. Click follow and lap up their satire like a salt lick.

Nick Boles @generalboles

It goes without saying that whoever runs this account is an absolute wizard at photoshop. They are also fast, sharp, politically astute and deliciously silly. So much so that when Nick Boles himself joined Twitter, he said:  ‘I will never be as funny or as good at Photoshop… I am but a pale imitation.’ It’s surprising therefore that General Boles only has 2,000 followers. Get following guys.

Ed Balls @edbaIIsmp_

This one’s funny because it’s almost believable. Ed Balls’ actual account is a continual delight as well. Some might even say 'Fabulous.' Ed Balls.

Peter Mannion MP @PeterMannionMP

Not strictly parody, but based on the bumbling, sweary MP from the Thick of It. As Iannuci’s brilliant satire is not currently on telly, amuse yourself by following Peter Mannion. All tweets should be read in his slow, rather posh voice. The current gems being tweeted at the moment include "Time was when a mtg of COBRA was an exciting novelty. The smell of the whiteboard markers, the whizzy AV equipment, the biscuits."