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A privileged preview of the Royal Family's majestic Web site
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It was reported yesterday that the Royal Family plans to open a Web site on the Internet. But - after bribing a footman - I am able to give readers of Saturday's Independent (terrific value at 60p) a sneak preview of the Queen's homepage:

[Large coat of arms, lion, unicorn, etc.]

Welcome to Majesty Web site - the only Net venue for all the information, gossip and news about Great Britain's Royal Family, as it goes about the business of representing Britain and defending the faith.

Press here for entry to Royal Heritage. Tour round the palace of your choice in one of two guided trips: Brusque - with the virtual reality HRH Prince Philip. Extra Slow But Gracious - with HM the Queen Mother. Or visit the site of an important historic event in the dramatic tale of the world's most famous royals. Click and see real-time re-enactments of these places and events: The Great Gallery, Windsor, 1993. Queen Victoria's drawing room, Osborne, 1883. The bedroom at Highgrove any night in August 1984. A third-floor apartment, Mayfair.

Sound gallery. Press here to relive those great Royal moments:

King George's visit to the East End, 1941 (including the famous "lord luv yer, yer majesty"); The Coronation of 1952; A Silver Jubilee Street Party in the Wirral, 1977; The Royal Wedding 1981 (hear Diana mess up that name again!); The Squidgeygate tapes; Panorama; Ruby Wax; Fergie and the chimp.

Go on a tour of the flora and fauna of the estates of the Duchy of Cornwall. Prince Charles is your guide. Or visit the BigEars Homepage for news and views on organic farming, architecture, the teaching of English literature, or the Bushmen of the Kalahari.

Is there a child at your PC? Then try Beatrice and Eugenie's Kids' Korner. Features include a special children's advice page on handling moves - and, of course, Animal Adventure, where the different bores of shotguns needed to bring down anything furred or feathered are discussed simply and frankly. Or how about Willy's Arcade Game, where you pit yourself against a handsome prince for the coveted title "Deerstalker"?

For something more adult click here for Fergie and Diana's Internet Agony Column. Discover the Princess's answers to your most frequently asked questions on bulimia, shopaholia, the other woman, second time around, or making a million.

Also available: health and beauty tips, including manicures, pedicures (manual), pedicures (oral), gym clothes tested, getting out of limousines without showing one's knickers (advanced course).

Press here for full-colour portraits of the Royal Family - including those hands!

Fancy a trip to the Royal Leisure Pages, with Tara Palmer Tompkinson as your on-line hostess? From the comfort of your own armchair, experience skiing at Klosters or soaking up the sun in Mustique - places you could never hope to visit in person! Or go with Tara to the royal party of the week, and find out what Edward and Sophie are up to (nothing, we're sure!), or Princess Margaret's views on what makes a great chaser. In season we take you to Henley, Ascot, Goodwood and the Royal Box at Wembley.

Finally click here for the Queen's Kool Sites. Royal families of Eastern Europe; Debrett's Homepage; Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting 1996; Mrs Thatcher's demise, 1990. Hyperlink to Queen Noor of Jordan's Harempage, English Heritage, The Save Nicholas Soames Campaign.

The Royal Family:

is not a charity;

is completely independent of the Government;

protects six historic palaces and a couple of ranch-houses, spends all of its income on the care and maintenance of the land and buildings under its protection, and on representing this country.

Information on this page is reproduced with the kind permission of the Royal Family.

For more information the Royal Family can be contacted at: