ITN's coverage of Dunblane

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Sir: Those who read Meg Carter's article "Public interest versus private grief" (19 March) might well have gained the impression that Lord Wakeham and Superintendent Louis Munn were critical of ITN's coverage of the Dunblane tragedy. This is certainly not the case.

Both would, in fact, have asserted that ITN's coverage was responsible and sensitive. Furthermore, Meg Carter suggests that TV approached relatives for "the almost instant TV interviews with the bereaved". That is, quite simply, not true. It would be contrary to our guidelines, which were endorsed rigorously throughout the time of the tragedy. I know the BBC and Sky adopted the same approach.

It should also be pointed out that the article was constructed of quotes which were taken from a variety of sources but not from speaking directly to either Lord Wakeham, Supt Munn or myself.

Richard Tait

Editor in Chief, ITN

London WC1