5 Epic Twitter Fails: Ian Katz certainly isn't alone


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We’ve all sent a message to the wrong person at one point or another… but what happens when the text is a tweet, and you have millions of followers?

The new editor of Newsnight, Ian Katz, accidentally sent a tweet yesterday, describing programme guest and Labour shadow cabinet minister Rachel Reeves, as ‘boring snoring’ and newspapers as ‘snoozepapers'. Pretty embarrassing, especially when you’ve only been in the job for two weeks.

He can at least take comfort from the fact that's he's not the only one to fall foul of new technologies...

1. Hayley Williams

The fiery lead singer of rock band Paramore accidentally tweeted a sexy pic of herself posing topless on her bed. It was deleted shortly after but not before being saved by a few of her 3 million followers.

2. Charlie Sheen

The Two and a Half Men star made a mistake whilst trying to tweet his digits to Justin Bieber. Instead, all 5.5 million of his followers were able to get in touch. He apparently shouted ‘Ray’s Pizza!’ and ‘Winning!’ at the first few callers. Meanwhile we’re still wondering how these two could possibly be mates.

3. Marcus Jordan

Marcus, son of famous NBA player Michael Jordan, posted a picture of his privates on Twitter. The photo was swiftly deleted and Marcus claimed it was a prank pulled by friends. He then tweeted ‘Anyway, what’s poppin Twitter #HappySunday’. It’s a bit late for that, Marcus.

4. James Blunt

The ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer made his error via email, unintentionally sending his new song with the message “I’d like you to be the first to hear my new single”, to the whole UK mailing list for all Warner Music artists. The worst part was no one really wanted to hear it.

5. Michelle Keegan

This Corrie beauty has had her fair share of social networking blunders. Firstly she tweeted a picture of a Coronation Street colleague whilst learning lines, but she failed to realise her script was in full view, revealing a huge plot shock.