5 erotic novels you should know exist (but you shouldn’t necessarily read)


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Feel like Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings missed the point of what was really going on in Middle-earth?

Ever imagine that Walking with Dinosaurs didn’t tell you everything you needed to know about palaeontology?

Was Game of Thrones not quite as titillating as you’d been brought to expect?

Could the ending of Harry Potter have been somehow more satisfying?

If you answered yes to any of the above, fear not.  The literary works of Christie Sims are at hand to satisfy your mythological/beastophile curiosities.

Here’s the author – via her amazon biography page - on her life and work so far:

"Hi! I’m just a plain old, everyday Midwestern girl that lives a normal life. However, while my outward tastes are relatively simple, my inner thoughts are filled with lusty thoughts of big, strong, powerful monsters having their way with beautiful maidens.

"Almost all of my stories fall under the Monster Sex genre, and come from the inner desires that spring from my mind."

Check out our gallery to see more works from Sims’ eclectic and uncompromising literary oeuvre.