5 reasons Eddie Izzard would make a good Mayor of London


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Comedian Eddie Izzard has confirmed his intention to run for London Mayor in 2020.

Here are a five reasons why he could be Edxcellent for the role.

He runs marathons

43 marathons to be precise. In 51 days. It was a seemingly insurmountable task, but Izzard did it, raising £200,000 for comic relief in the process.

He’s a comedian

Comedy and politics aren’t two things that you’d necessarily put together. But Izzard would probably bring comedy to the platform with more success than some of his less comically-gifted predecessors. Remember Boris's hilarious joke "Why do women go to university? To find husbands..."

Twitter approves

Since his announcement of intent, the reaction on Twitter has been generally positive. And if the Twitterati are behind you in this day and age, there’s little else that can stop you.


He’s not your average guy

And London isn’t your average city. Izzard’s eccentricities are well publicised.

Oh, and one more thing…

He's pretty into politics. Which is probably quite important for someone who wants to be mayor. As a strong labour supporter, Eddie has a history in activism.