A fifth of British Twitter users tweet & drive and 28 per cent update Facebook on the loo


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New research has revealed that a fifth of Twitter users confess to tweeting whilst driving, but 28 per cent of tweet drivers didn't think it was illegal.

The survey, conducted by Voucher Codes Pro, polled over 1,400 active adult users of social media from across the UK.

Respondents were initially asked ‘In what situations do you most commonly tweet?’

The top five most common situation were as follows:

1) At work- 62 per cent

2) Whilst watching TV - 44 per cent

3) In bed - 35 per cent

4) Whilst driving - 21 per cent

5) On the loo - 18 per cent

37 per cent of those who admitted to tweeting whilst driving said it was because they had something that they wanted to ‘share urgently’. (That's ok then. As long as it's urgent.)

Although the 28 per cent didn't think it was illegal, 79 per cent knew that using their phone for phone calls and texts whilst driving was illegal.

54 per cent of respondents also said they updated their Facebook page in the workplace. Well, we are there most of the time.

However, updating from the loo was more prevalent for Facebook users, as 28 per cent admitted it was a common place from which to post. Hopefully not about what they were doing exactly...