Abu Qatada shown the deportation door to Jordan: the reaction


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After two decades in the UK, prosecutors have finally confirmed Abu Qatada's arrival in Jordan to stand trial on terrorism charges.

The radical cleric was first arrested over alleged terror connections in 2001, then rearrested in 2005, when deportation attempts began.

The legal battle to deport Qatada has cost the taxpayer at least £1.7 million, including around £650,000 on his legal aid alone.

Prime Minister David Cameron expressed his pleasure at the news on Twitter:

"Abu Qatada is back in Jordan. This is something the Government said would get done. It's now been achieved and I am delighted."

Louise Mensch shared his view:

"Take a bow, Theresa May. Good riddance, AbuQatada - May delivers in 30 months. Labour couldn't in 10 yrs."

The Sun on Sunday spoke to an ex-prisoner from Muwaqqar jail where Qatada will be sent, who said he was 'stripped and beaten':

"They threw me in a tiny cell with just a thin mattress on the floor".

Home Secretary Theresa May said:

"I am glad that this government's determination to see him on a plane has been vindicated and that we have at last achieved what previous governments, Parliament and the British public have long called for.

"This dangerous man has now been removed from our shores to face the courts in his own country."