After a video of a baby being snatched by an eagle goes viral, here are the most controversial Youtube ‘fakes’


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A video is currently going viral of an eagle snatching a toddler from a park.

Many are questioning whether or not the footage is real, what do you think? Does it look real?

It's not the first time a viral video has had viewers stroking their chins; YouTube is littered with clips that are (probably) just too good to be true. Here's five of the best.

1. Disneyland musical marriage proposal

Gents, you'd better hope this is fake, or else that "knee, ring, finger" proposal idea just won't cut the mustard anymore. (Forget the mustard, anyway).



2. Bruce Lee plays table tennis with his nunchuks

Nokia released this video to coincide with a marketing campaign, yet still people defend its authenticity by claiming Bruce Lee lived in a pre-Photoshop era and nunchuks make ideal ping-pong bats.



3. Times Square billboard magician

If your cheekbones lack the ludicrous definition required to get your face on a Times Square billboard, there is another way...apparently. Maybe. It's unlikely.



4. David Beckham's beach football skills

Oh Becks, we'll believe anything you ever say or do. So this feat of peerless footballing deftness is just another day at the office (beach office) for Golden Balls.



5. The World's longest basketball shot

The debate goes on over this trickshot, and its makers do everything possible to give it an air of credibility, including split screen camerawork.


A good sign that a video's been tampered with is if it's promoting some product or other but, for the life of us, we can't figure out who'd want to market their wares with a baby-stealing golden eagle as a mascot. Any ideas?