America reacts to Kate Middleton's pregnancy


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You know how Americans love our royal family even more than we do? There are all sorts of reasons for that. Partly it's a residual affection for a form of patronage that they have themselves renounced; partly, perhaps, it's a grudging respect for the Old Country, as many of Uncle Sam's residents still describe us. Over at USA Today, there's a strong, clear report that sums up sentiment on the other side of the pond - and also tells you a little about how they view us.

Here's a flavour: "Interest is so high because bearing the next heir and the sooner the better — she's 30 — is sort of Job #1 for the duchess. William's mother, the late Princess Diana, and his grandmother, then Princess Elizabeth, both had their first babies within a year of their weddings.

The British, especially the reporters who cover the royals, have been waiting for this news almost since the couple's glittering April 29, 2011, wedding. Everybody loves a baby but a royal baby, especially one who will be a future sovereign, provides a symbol of continuity important to the monarchy and to Britain's sense of itself as an ancient culture.

And besides all that, Will and Kate and their baby are good for business — they will sell many, many newspapers and celebrity magazines."

Er, you can say that again chaps.