Another Tory shambles over the EU


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A wave of media criticism greeted David Cameron this morning, with commentators on both left and right joining in. The bone of contention is, as so often in Tory circles, the EU - specifically the Prime Minister's unexpected decision to allow a referendum bill in this parliament. Here's a dose of the general displeasure:

While defending Cameron's initial stance on the EU, Iain Martin, writing in The Telegraph, berates the PM for this latest change of tack:

"The events of the past 48 hours have marked a new low in Mr Cameron’s leadership. In particular, there has been a serious erosion of the Prime Minister’s authority.

"Mr Cameron did not want a Bill in this parliament on an EU referendum. Then he gave way. I am a Eurosceptic and I know a Tory shambles when I see one. This is definitely a Tory shambles." 

A Guardian editorial also spies weakness:

"Once a leader who warned his party to stop "banging on about Europe", David Cameron is now a laggard – running up the rear of his troops with a Eurosceptic drum, which he keeps bashing a little too late."