Are indie boys misogynists?


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In the tradition of the Mail online's "Right-wingers are more likely to be stupid" piece back in February, respected alternative music website, has bravely turned on it's own readership.

Joe Kennedy has written a fascinating piece in which he uses examples from Peep Show and a recent interview in Wire magazine with Ariel Pink, to suggest that beta males can be just as of sexism as their bantering alpha counterparts.

"If you spent any part of the last twenty years in indie clubs in British tweecore strongholds such as Norwich, Leeds or Sheffield, you may well be familiar with this pseudo-feminism," writes Kennedy. "Remember all those guys who really loved Le Tigre or Electrelane or Bis or CSS, but ultimately might as well have been in the triples-for-singles meat market up the road when it came to putting their money where their emancipatory mouths were? I certainly knew a few."