‘Barraco Barner’: how information spreads online


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For those of you that haven’t heard, Blackpool’s Gemma Worrall became an overnight celebrity after tweeting her concern about the president of the UK Barraco Barner (Worrall’s incorrect spelling of Barack Obama) getting involved with Russia.

Obviously, Worrall got her spelling and political heads of state a tad confused, but the tweet spread so rapidly that it was retweeted nearly 7,000 times in the 12 hours following its publication. She has been featured in various UK and international news outlets and has even been approached by Piers Morgan to discuss the tweet gone wrong.

That got us thinking: how rapidly do tweets, posts, likes and shares spread online? We’ve done some research to see just how quickly published information spreads on the Internet.

Scroll through the infographic below to learn more.