Beyoncé's back - and her GQ interview is equal parts impressive and spooky


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Beyoncé fans, assume the position - the next month or two sees the Queen of Pop's return from motherhood to mega-primetime. In preparation, she's been speaking to GQ. And - drumroll - the takeaway here, at least according to Gawker, is... "Beyonce is Fucking Crazy and Exactly as You Imagine Her".

First things first. The singer is in the process of compiling a database of every single image, recording, show and interview she's ever been part of - to be stored in a temperature controlled digital-facility. All this footage, which includes recordings of almost every single moment of her private life since 2005, and which Beyoncé calls her "crazy archive", can be brought up - and sold - via the touch of a button. (Are you listening, Facebook?).

Second, and less surprisingly, the interview touches on Mrs Knowles-Carter's insane work ethic. For example; do you take home a tape of everyday at work, analyse it, then send notes to all your minions? No? Then no wonder you're not Beyoncé.

To get a full picture of just how the hottest singer on the planet has managed to "own" her image - read Amy Wallace's interview in full. You won't be disappointed.

Sample quote: "I now know that, yes, I am powerful, I'm more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand."

She might be more powerful than her own mind can digest, but not everything swings Beyoncé's way; she recently lost out on an attempt to trademark baby Blue Ivy's name. Her nemesis? Blue Ivy wedding planners. We await their imminent psychic destruction...