Boris Johnson rushes to The Guardian's defence


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The Guardian newspaper group has found itself an unlikely defender in the shape of Conservative Mayor of London and Telegraph columnist, Boris Johnson

In response to news stories suggesting the Guardian plans axe it's print version within the next few years and move the whole operation online, Johnson has this to say: "It would be a national tragedy if we lost the paper version – the wood-pulp and ink version – of this historic publication."

While he does acknowledge the papers "strange hostility" to his own political career, the Mayor is able to look beyond his personal feelings, and see the greater issues at stake, "Guilt-ridden Lefties will need it to swat the mosquitoes in Tuscany, or to light the wood-burning stoves in their second homes, or to line the tuck boxes of their little ones as they guiltily pack them off - like dear Polly Toynbee - to their fee-paying schools."