Bucket list boy Reece Puddington's final wish

A beach hut for sick children will be a lasting legacy

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Schoolboy Reece Puddington, who was diagnosed with a form of cancer called neuroblastoma in 2008 and gained media attention for publishing his bucket list on Facebook, has announced via the social media site that he is now going to stop his treatment and has revised his original list to include his 'legacy' after he dies.

In a post on his Facebook page called 'my bucket list part two – the final chapter', Reece announced a new wish; to provide a retreat for other sick children.

He wrote: "I have always lived by the sea and enjoy going out in my kayak, bbq's [sic] and being with my family and friends. Having a beach hut would make this far easier and enjoyable for me. My aim is to then offer the beach hut for the day to other poorly children so that they can enjoy it too. This would be my legacy!"

The beach hut project, which will be called Reece's Retreat, will be located at Whitstable, near Reece's family home in Kent. It aims to enable seriously ill children to enjoy a day at the beach.

In a post entitiled, 'the beginning of the end', Reece wrote: "I could opt for another [medical] trial, but this would mean travelling a lot to the hospital and coping with the side effects, but [it] could also hopefully extend my life, or... I could simply do nothing, stay at home and let nature take its course which would lead to me loosing my life slightly earlier than if I'd had more treatment."

"After careful consideration, my mum thought that if she was doing it for herself she would keep sending me for treatment as she wouldn't want to let me go, but if she was doing it for me she'd let me go. Well, she's letting me go..."

Reece has completed nearly all his aims from his original bucket list, including £1000 in £20 notes (he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and can only handle £20 notes) and "to see my mum learn to drive." Writing about his original bucket list, he posted, "some things will be possible and some will remain a dream, but they will be MY wishes."

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