Cab driver finds $220,000 dollars, subverts expectations


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You'd think it would end up in the pockets of Mr Bellagio, or Caesars Palace, but a Las Vegas cabbie who found $220 000 dollars in the back of his car did something remarkable with the cash - he gave it back to the punter who'd won it. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has details.

Calling the man "a big and honest teddy bear of an Ethiopian cabdriver", the Review says this story could "only really happen in a gambling town like Las Vegas".

The money was stashed in a soft laptop case - and left behind in the back of the cab as its winner dashed to make a flight.

But  honest Mr Woldemarin handed the wad into his employers, Virgin Valley Cabs, who then fielded a call from one frantic punter missing nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

After the money was restored, Mr Woldemarin received a tip of $2000. His friends say 1% is short shrift - but the cabbie sees it as a bonus.

That's Vegas, baby.