Cauliflower and chocolate, anyone? Science unveils odd, new flavour combos


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Network theory is usually used to analyse connections in social networks or the spread of disease, but theorist Albert-Laszlo Barabasi and a team from Northeastern University in Massachusetts have put it to a different use: concocting unusual - yet supposedly delicious canapés.

New Scientist magazine have put these flavour combinations to the test with recipes including 'mashed potato with a caper and coffee bean duo', 'Roast cauliflower in a dark chocolate fondue' and 'Caviar on chilled white chocolate'.

Not all combinations were as successful as others. Tasters deemed the 'Gruyere cheese and honey mini frittata' a hit. According to network theorist Sebastian Ahnert, that's because "3-methylbutanoic acid is very dominant in gruyere, and in many honeys." The caviar and chocolate was less of a hit, however "Not gross - just not very nice," said one member of the tasting team.