Chris Huhne: his crime was arrogance - and I should know


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Well if there was one thing predictable about the coverage of Chris Huhne, the fallen Lib Dem who pleaded guilty yesterday, in this morning's papers, it's that the Daily Mail would ask Stephen Glover to write about his old chum from their undergraduate days in Oxford.

And sure as clockwork, Glover, a founder of The Independent, has delivered some sturdy blows to Huhne. "Power changed him", he writes. "Or, rather, flaws of character which in another walk of life might not have been lethal were transformed, so that he came to believe he was unlike the 'little people'. In search of ever greater power, he ignored the tiresome little conventions such as honesty which govern their lives."

He also invokes Jonathan Aitken and Jeffrey Archer, much as Dominic Lawson did in his masterful column for us this morning.

Goodness knows how close Glover and Huhne really are these days, but the former's column is worth reading, if only for confirmation that old friends may never stop moralising about their friends' misdemeanours.