Chris Rock's message for white voters: Obama is not-so-secretly caucasian


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Ever since the US elected its first mixed race president, there have been many conspiracy theories surrounding the identity of Barack Obama. The Tea Party say he's a socialist, Donald Trump reckons he wasn't born in the USA and now comedian Chris Rock has a new one to try out on the electorate: Is Barack Obama white?

Rock has made his campaign video as a direct appeal to white voters who, polls indicate, "are supporting Mitt Romney to the exclusion of logic or common sense". To those voters, Rock says, have you considered that Barack Obama may in fact be the white president you are looking for? And not only that, but whiter than Mitt Romney?

In support of his case Rock presents evidence including Obama's nickname Barry, "the third whitest name on Earth, right after Cody and Jeff", his fondness for golf and his tendency to wear "mom jeans".