Chuck Hagel cannot be trusted as Defence Secretary


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And his credibility has been left in shreds. That's the assertion of those right-on neocons at Commentary magazine, or at least writer Jonathan S Tobin. He's dismayed by Hagel's performance during a Senate hearing, and says that it proved beyond doubt that he isn't up to the job and cannot be trusted.

Here's Tobin's pay-off: "Chuck Hagel demonstrated today that he isn’t fit for such a senior post. His incompetent testimony should have embarrassed the president and backers like Chuck Schumer, who gambled his own reputation on a man who has little credibility. That may not be enough to derail a nomination that is being rammed through on a partisan basis by the Senate’s majority caucus. But today’s disappointing show by Hagel shamed not just Democrats but a nation whose defense is being entrusted to an incompetent liar."