Civil servants waste time on Facebook, Amazon and cricket site


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The Government has published a list of the websites most visited by civil servants between November and December this year - and there's some nuggets on it that staff would surely have preferred to keep secret.

Top of the list of sites accessed by employees at the Department for Communities and Local Government was the BBC homepage, but Facebook received 2.4 million hits and Amazon 268,000.

Chief executive of the TaxPayer's Alliance Matthew Sinclair said: "staff shouldn't be wasting their time on websites that clearly have nothing to do with their jobs".

The information, disclosed under Freedom of Information laws, also revealed that EspnCricinfo - home for cricketing anoraks - raked in 383, 133 hits.

Sadly, the IV drip was not present on the list; though we're not in a position to condemn anybody - mandarin or otherwise - for their guilty online pleasures.