#conclave: Twitter reacts as the Vatican announces a new pope has been elected


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White smoke has been sighted at the Vatican, indicating that a new pope has been elected - although at time of writing, we don't yet know who it is. Here are some of the choicest reactions on Twitter:

@Queen_UK: Black smoke from the Sistine Chapel indicates that the cardinals have not agreed upon a new Pope and have instead gone for a cigar.

@TomChivers: A pip, pop, a pippy, a pippy, a pip-pip-pope they've just picked a pope

@stuheritage: New Pope now busy pouring his curves into his new robe for the cameras

@sera_mcdaid: For so many who claim to have no interest in religion you lot are mighty interested in some fella in a funny hat over in Rome.

@davidschneider: White smoke! We have a pope! We have a pope! No, hold on, he's just resigned...

@guyadams: I predict an Italian pope. The Vatican's an Italian mess and it needs an insider to clean it up

@helenlewis: Wow, they've really hot-boxed that basilica.

Meanwhile, the hashtag "#ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope" has been trending since earlier today...

@ComedyCentral: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Pope

@mikewilmot1: Popey Popey Bang Bang. Chitty Chitty Pope Pope. Chitty Popey Bang Pope. Popey Chitty Pope Bang. I'm spent.

@WyckedAwesome: Pope White and the Seven Altar Boys.

@MiaFarrow: A Pope Called Wanda.