Could we see a Labour-Lib Dem coalition?


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The next election may not mean the end for coalition governments, argues Polly Toynbee in the Guardian – Labour need to think about a Lib-Lab alliance.

"Labour supporters, spitting expletives, vow coalition is unthinkable. But they need to think again. This is not just about cynical electoral self-interest. Even now, with so many voters having bolted, most in the Lib Dem rainbow party remain closer to Labour. Plenty I met in Brighton are social democrats motivated by social justice."

An alternate history of co-operation between the Lib Dems and Labour might have curbed some of the last Labour government's worst excesses; "No Iraq, no civil liberties abuse, less defence spending, no soaring jail numbers, stronger climate change action, and bolder Europeanism."

Miliband's success so far means he must ready himself for an attack from the Tory press, which Toynbee understands Cameron will orchestrate shortly.