Star Wars sequel to hold open casting: Could you get a part?


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Two lead roles in the next Star Wars movie are set to be filled by unknowns, as Disney, who bought Lucasfilm last year, will hold auditions open to the public this week. If you could play a "street smart and strong" orphaned girl, or a "smart capable" man in his 20s you could be one step away from Hollywood. Other parts also potentially on offer include...

Hope of humanity: You are white and blonde

Robot butler: You say sorry when people bump into you (or excuse me!) and fuss about things ceaselessly and tiresomely

Fat alien king: Round, loud and proud of it, kids called you Jabba in the playground but you didn't care

Jedi warrior: For a grown person, you got *way* over-excited about this news

Alien philosopher: You have terrible, terrible syntax and people think you're kind of pretentious

Intergalactic warlord: You have mummy-issues and when pissed off you breathe in and out through your mouth, hea-vi-ly

Bear-like creature: You have hair on your back, hair on your butt, hair on the top of your feet. Partners think its disgusting, and sometimes you moan really mournfully about it

Tasteless racial stereotype alien: You regularly do an impression of a Jamaican accent, or any other ethnic minority, that instantly offends everybody and anybody listening

If any of these is you, applications will be gratefully received by Disney HQ.