Creepy iPhone app retrieves Facebook bikini pics of your friends


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Hey, creepy guys, are you tired of trawling through pictures of your female friends online on the off-chance they're showing some skin? Good news! There's an app for it. For $1.99 Badabing downloads skin-revealing Facebook pics straight to users' phones. Does it have any age filters? No! Does that mean it will also send you pictures of underage girls and babies? Yes...

As Jezebel puts it: "Way to make a great tool for pedophiles, you fucking idiots".

Badabing's creator Erick Barto was confronted by  a TechCrunch reader, after the app pulled up a picture of a baby: "it's completely out of place : /", said Barto.

But where's the market for this app anyway, asks Jezebel. "I highly doubt the dudes who use this app have SO many Facebook friends in bikini shots that they need an app to handle their workload."

So is this the most invasive piece of technology you've seen yet?