Cuddling: the biggest turn-off in the bedroom


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What’s the worst thing that could happen on the first night staying with a new partner? Too much cuddling, obviously!

Beating dirty sheets, snoring and unwelcome bodily functions to the post, being an overly cuddly bed partner is the worst crime you can commit on that all-important first night, according to a new survey.

So if you fancy a snuggle in the cold, cold night, think of these icy statistics first. 41 per cent of those surveyed said cuddling was the biggest turn-off in new bed partners, 61 per cent of those being women.

Only 26 per cent of people were bothered by less than pleasant bodily functions, men being the most disgusted by involuntary acts of nature. The four worst offences after excessive cuddling were dirty sheets, snoring, duvet hogging and finally unwanted bodily functions.

If these don’t seem too bad to you, spare a thought for those who have had some pretty disgusting first bed-sharing experiences. Here are some of the worst:

A 28 year old man from Birmingham explained that he once stayed the night with a potential partner, but had to escape to the spare room as her ‘flatulence during her sleep got too much to bear.’

One man suffered cruelly at the hands of one woman, who claimed she couldn’t sleep unless listening to the Glee soundtrack. Unsurprisingly he found it impossible to sleep through, and probably not because he just couldn’t get enough of Journey.

Not to be outdone, the men have their own fatal flaws as one woman found out when she stayed over at her boyfriend’s house for the first time and discovered a pair of ladies’ knickers in his bed; which weren’t hers. The excuse to get out of that one must have been interesting.

According to the same survey, from, the ideal bed partner would have clean sheets, provide breakfast in bed, allow for plenty of personal space, sleep silently and have a large bed. Not asking too much then…