Did they, didn't they? Torvill and Dean finally admit they ‘dabbled’ with romance as teenagers


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One of the nation's favourite duos have finally admitted to 'dabbling' as teens.

Torvill and Dean have often been questioned over the years as to whether there was any hint of romance between them, but always claimed they keep it purely platonic.

The Olympic gold medal winners finally confessed they had a very brief romance in an interview with Piers Morgan for his ITV1 Life Stories programme.

Morgan tweeted:

‘BREAKING NEWS: “Yes, we dabbled...” – @torvillanddean finally admit to a romantic past together, albeit a very short one.’

Dean said they had a 'little dabble' when Dean was 16 and Torvill was 17 - but kept the passion strictly on ice ever since.

Although Torvill and Dean's romance was rather short-lived, many other working relationships in the public eye have later been revealed as less than professional:

  • Edwina Currie and John Major: Currie's serialised diary in The Times revealed a four-year affair while she was a backbencher and Major was the government whip under Margaret Thatcher
  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Twilight fans could sense the chemistry on and off screen when the pair finally admitted to dating two years after the first Twilight film was released.
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: The two filmed Mr and Mrs Smith months before Pitt's split with Jennifer Anniston, but revealed years later that they had indeed fallen in love on the set - despite having denied this in the past.
  • Ant and Dec: The dynamic duo shared a brief romance after Byker Grove* (*not really)