Did Trenton Oldfield deserve six months?


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The renowned trade publication Architects Journal doesn't only break news. It also publishes erudite and sharp comment, such as this blog by influential Senior Editor James Pallister. He addresses the question of whether or not Trenton Oldfield, the man who interrupted the last boat race in protest at social injustice, deserved to be jailed for six months. And he writes from the perspective of someone who went to Cambridge and has rowed plenty.

Here's his conclusion: "Oldfield’s protest was against changes to legislation which will have a significant impact on the lives of millions of British people for years to come. The same cannot be said about the proceedings of a race. The way in which Oldfield was charged and sentenced is deeply troubling for her British citizens, rowing fans or otherwise.

In the meantime, the architectural scene, so often tied up – and unavoidably so - with vested interests of the developer world, and ever in need of critical friends, will be worse off for his absence behind bars."