Dislike traffic wardens? You'll admire this one's tenacity tackling Hillary Clinton's security...


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Now we all know about the general feeling towards traffic wardens.

They lurk around car parks, waiting for the seconds to pass as your ticket runs out, ready to pounce like hungry hyenas.

But this week, one warden showed that the effects of a jobsworth applies to all of us - even if you're married to a former President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton was attending an event at Chatham House to pick up an award on Saturday - but her car was apparently parked for nearly 45 minutes without paying.

Seemingly unperturbed by her irate security, the warden from Westminster City Council put a ticket on the Mercedes even though five members of her staff apparently attempted to stop him.

Well, if traffic wardens will plague our parking - at least we know it affects the rich and famous too.