Does taking ecstasy live on TV glamourise drugs?


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As Channel 4 broadcast the show Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial last night, many are divided as to whether the show was needed.

Drugs specialist Professor David Nutt led the research, testing the use of ecstasy and a placebo on willing participants - including actor Keith Allen.

The Sun have debated whether the show glamourises the use of drugs, with Allen arguing one side, and Jullie Manning opposing. She says "David Nutt loves publicity and he is doing this because it is controversial." Another participant, Graham Lawton, asks " How can we have a solid drugs policy when we don’t have appropriate evidence to base it on?"

The Independent's Science Editor Steve Connor thinks the experiments are part of a genuine academic study, but what do you think? Is this a valid way to show the public what happens when people take ecstasy?


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