#EbayYellowSkaterDress: Woman accidentally posts nearly naked photo of herself on eBay


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There you are, trying to get that clear shot of a dress so it's best displayed on eBay, tempting potential buyers to bid.

You're concentrating so hard on getting the perfect picture, that you don't notice that your reflection is right there in the photo. Oh, and you're not wearing any clothes.

A young woman's eBay item went viral this week after she appeared in the corner of the photo she posted to accompany an item listing on eBay - wearing only a bra.

Bids apparently reached over £150,000, although the listing is now removed.

Although the account, sugartit_2, received glowing reviews from past sellers and buyers, it now also appears to have been closed. But another account seems to have listed the item (minus nude pic), noting:

"Yellow asos skater dress. Only worn by myself. picture shows how nice this item is. Any questions just ask. HAD TO CHANGE ITEM PICTURE AS REQUESTED BY EBAY. Still the same item up for sale"

But unsurprisingly, bids aren't quite as high this time...

Aimi Jones has since spoken to The Sun about the viral mishap, commenting: "It’s so embarrassing. It is such a dizzy, stupid thing to do and now the whole world’s seen me in the nude."

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