Elephant Appeal: What do elephants do all day?


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Just like us humans, they eat, sleep, socialise and roam about. The charity Space for Giants fits elephants in Laikipia, Central Kenya, with GPS collars to monitor their movements, providing a real-time window into their daily lives. Together with a new mobile phone app, scouts on the ground can keep track of where elephants are going. This gives them a better understanding of the human-wildlife conflict situation and enables them to get to the right place at the right time.

Human-wildlife conflict, in particular crop damage by elephants, can cause an immediate crisis for rural people. Not surprisingly, this results in enormous resentment and anger. It’s an issue that is not easy to solve and requires large investments of time and resources to simply reduce it. Space for Giants has developed a series of approaches that help both people and wildlife. Find out  more.

See for yourself what five bull elephants Ismail, Kimani, Jangwani, Nelson and Carlos get up to over a 24 hour period. Click here and you can explore the interactive map, zoom in to see crop raids in action and find out what they do at night.