Excitement grows before Playstation launch


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As rumours of Playstation4 being unveiled tonight are circulating, excitement is building for console fans.

Sony aims to recapture a share of the market, as many users now prefer to play games on their phones and tablets.

Is the enthusiasm for purpose-built games consoles over?

Not by looking at Twitter...

#PlaystationMemories, Tekken and GTA are all trending, with tweets flooding in to remind users what they loved about Playstation:

@ChampagneLove_ Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Tomb Raider, Tekken, Tony Hawk's Skateboarding 2 & Grand Theft Auto

@Connorrh95  playing the simpsons hit and run for hours and hours straight

@Chiggy_11 Getting mine on Christmas Day 1997! Complete with Onside Soccer, Tekken & V Rally - Best Christmas Ever.

@markpalmer10 Tekken and GTA are both trending but my #PlayStationMemory revolves mainly around Pro Evolution Soccer

@ThumbsUpLauren Getting bored on GTA so you decide to drive like a normal person and stop at each traffic light.

@JoelNewman Staying up with my brothers until 2am when I was like 7 playing Tony Hawks pro skaters

@DiegGusta The harder you mash the button, the more it is effective

@Paullllyyyy Leaving my playstation on throughout the night cause i didnt have a memory card and losing progress was not an option

@uSiriussss The leap from ps1 to ps2 was wow but then when ps3 came out it was at another level #blownaway #PlaystationMemories

@AlexHinsleyCFC it has to be running around with a chainsaw and a flame thrower on GTA, right?

@IAmASuperSaiyan *Friend Comes Over* "Nah Not That One That's MY Controller".

Adam Jacques will be reporting live on Sony's new console from 11pm tonight for The Independent.