Exposure: The Jimmy Savile documentary review


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Those who stayed up to watch last night's ITV investigation into Jimmy Savile's alleged abuse of young girls will have switched off with a damning picture of the disc jockey, says Caroline Frost on the Huffington Post.

"The actual incidents were less shocking for the fact that they have been much touted across the media in the last few days, with more and more stories being unravelled."

"Nevertheless", says Frost "it was still disturbing to hear" the accounts of his alleged victims.

"Most chilling of all, arguably, was the footage of him welcoming his guest Gary Glitter to his show Clunk Click, where they both shared the stage with lots of young girls."

Savile's recent death means there's nobody to punish here - but Frost hopes that the women who spoke to camera will "feel immeasurably better".

How they were ever put at such risk, however, asks "huge questions of more people than just the not so genial eccentric".